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Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter. Autumn is a friendly reminder that when winter arrives, it can be sudden and usually leave homeowners unprepared for plumbing troubles caused by the extremely cold temperature.

When you think of potential problems for homeowners during autumn, plumbing issues may not readily come across your mind. Before the chilly nights of fall set in, you need to make an appointment with professional plumbers in Boston, MA for your plumbing system maintenance checkup. This way, all potential plumbing problems can be accurately diagnosed and quickly fixed before it is too late.

Pipes that run along exterior walls inside your home can still freeze when extreme temperatures occur. Ask a professional plumber to ensure that the pipes are well insulated. It is also important to schedule a water heater inspection. Your water heater will have to work harder than usual during the fall and winter to heat water for your home. Make sure your plumber also cleans and checks all of the water heater's crucial components and replace any worn parts.

There are some common plumbing and drain issues that can be avoided with a plumbing inspection, especially in older or poorly insulated homes. As for the chilly fall temperatures, winterize your outdoor shower, faucets, sinks and sprinklers prior to that first freeze. Doing so can avoid burst pipes and flooding.

If you have questions about how you can improve your home's plumbing this fall, do not hesitate to contact the professional plumbers from Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating.


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