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Getting regular maintenance performed on your home or business plumbing system is an effective way to prevent frozen pipes during winter weather. Frozen pipes occur when the temperature drops to below freezing. But with some preparations, homeowners can help keep their pipes from freezing during the extreme winter cold which we can expect to experience throughout Boston and Worcester.

Winter can be harsh all over Massachusetts and pipes can be at a high risk of freezing when proper precautions are not taken. This is why it is best to have your plumbing checked for issues that make them susceptible and have them cleaned of dirt and debris. When talking about plumbing maintenance, professional plumbers in Boston, MAare the professionals you should call before winter temperatures set in for good.

A certified professional plumber has the right equipment and experience to help prevent frozen pipes in your house. A professional plumber knows how to find out where the air is getting in and how to seal it or how to insulate the pipes. Water needs to be able to flow through- and sit in- your pipes without freezing. In addition to insulating exposed pipes, you can also hire a certified professional plumber to thaw already frozen pipe rather than doing this yourself.

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