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Keep Heating and Cooling Systems Reliable with Maintenance

07 Mar 2013

Reliability of your home’s furnace and air conditioning is directly related to how it's cared for.

In Boston, you need your home heating and air conditioning to keep you comfortable year round. Their reliability is directly related to proper maintenance.
A lot of newer homes have baseboard heating, which is an affordable, dry heat. With a central ventilation system, you can filter the air, heat, cool and humidify all in the same system.

There are several types of heating systems, including hot water systems with boilers and radiators, natural gas, electric, oil and forced hot air.  All use a furnace. It is important to make sure the filter in your heating and air condition system is clean. Filters should be checked on a monthly basis. People that live in the city, have pets, or who smoke inside should check them even more often.

Furnace maintenance means that the connections are tight and the drains are clean. Heating and cooling equipment preventative maintenance should be done twice a year to check for anything that could cause a problem.

If you live in the Boston area and you notice that your heating and cooling has stopped working as well, don't wait for your next scheduled inspection contact Greater Boston Plumbing.

An Efficient Heating System

27 Feb 2013

While March is around the corner, we still have some cold weather in front of us. More snow is in the forecast and temperatures will be cold. You should get the most out of your heating system for the rest of the winter.

Here are some ways to keep your home nice and warm for the rest of the winter.

Remove clutter from near the furnace which can obstruct air flow, preventing your heating system from working as efficiently as possible. Not only is this more safe, but it also saves you money.

Heating and cooling system maintenance keeps your systems running smoother and more efficiently. An annual HVAC service inspection will ensure that equipment is in good condition and operating at peak performance.

Change your air filter monthly or as instructed by the manufacturer.

Add a humidifier to your heating system.  Moist air feels warmer than dry air and a humidifier lets you set your thermostat at a lower setting.

A programmable thermostat adjusts the temperature in your home to provide the most comfort when your home is occupied.

For information on running your heating system more efficiently, contact Greater Boston Heating and Plumbing.

More Efficient Heating

19 Feb 2013

Heating is one of the biggest expenses in your home. Too many homes have inefficient heating systems, making heating bills cost hundreds or thousands of dollars more expensive than they should be. Heating systems that are 20 or 30 years old just aren’t as efficient as they are today.

There are different heating systems for your home:

Heat Pumps - are becoming very popular.  A Heat Pump moves hot air.  But, one of the biggest advantages of heat pumps is that they can also cool your home too.  Heat pumps are a extremely efficient because cooling and heating runs off one system and because they transfer the heat, they don’t burn fuel to make heat.  This also makes them the more environmentally friendly choice.
FurnacesGas Furnaces are more efficient to run than electric furnaces.  Gas furnaces are the most common type of furnace being installed in newer homes and as replacements.

Boilers – are a often found in older homes and apartment buildings.  Boilers are actually a great way to heat your home because they usually have a very long service life.  If gas in in place, installing a new boiler upgrade is much simpler.

For more information on a more efficient heating system for your home, contact Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating.


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