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Frozen Water Pipes can be Prevented with the Help of Professional Plumbers - Boston, Worcester, MA

03 Feb 2015

To prevent frozen pipes in your home during extremely cold weather conditions, hire professional plumbers in Boston, MA. Professional plumbers can pick up signs that pipes have the potential for freezing and can offer tips for prevention.

Homeowners can prevent frozen water pipes which are all too common during very cold temperatures like those we have been experience in Worcester and Boston this winter. If you have water supply lines in the garage, adjacent laundry room, or other cold or uninsulated area you have the potential for frozen water pipes. Most homes have pipes that run under counters and within cabinets. One preventive measure is to keep cabinet doors open in order let the warm air circulate and reach the pipe line underneath. Let the cold water in the faucet drip slowly overnight and periodically flush the toilet. This keeps the water moving so it is less likely to freeze. Keeping your house heated at 68 degrees or higher can also help.

While you can prepare for the cold, an expert plumber can help get your plumbing prepared as well. Professional plumbers can determine where the air is getting into your house and seal your pipes it immediately with insulation or other pipe insulation techniques. This ensures that exposed pipes will be properly insulated with pipe sleeves or heat cables.

To find out what needs to be done to keep your water pipes freezing, contact Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating.

Prevent Frozen Pipes and other Hidden Issues Before They Happen - Boston, Worcester, MA

10 Dec 2014

Frozen pipes are a common issue when there is an extreme drop in temperature. Water pipes usually freeze when cold air come in through dryer vents that are located nearby. This should be given immediate attention before pipes freeze and then burst, causing flooding.

Water expands as it freezes when exposed to severe cold temperatures. The pipes that run nearest the exterior walls of your home that are poorly insulated are particularly susceptible to very cold temperatures. When frozen, this expansion puts tremendous pressure on the pipes, regardless of if they are metal or plastic. Therefore, preventative measures need to be taken in order to keep the water in the pipes from freezing. Otherwise these pipes can burst causing out-of-control flooding which can be messy and often expensive to repair. Get the help from professional plumbers in Boston, MA to prevent the water pipes in your home from freezing.

The problem of frozen water pipes in Boston, Worcester can be worse when it is difficult to locate the frozen area or if the area of the pipe is not readily accessible. These and other problems can be solved with the proper equipment and a plumber with proper training. Whether in residential or commercial buildings, proper installation of pipe insulation is highly recommended to prevent pipes from freezing especially in extreme cold weather conditions. Additionally, your plumbing system may have other issues that need to be addressed so consulting a plumber before the extreme cold temperatures strike is important.

Preventing and thawing frozen water pipes should only be done with the help of professional plumbers. For more details, contact Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating.


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