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Preparing Your Plumbing for Winter Prevents Frozen and Broken Water Pipes that Are Costly to Repair - Boston, Worcester, MA

12 Nov 2014

Almost every homeowner in Boston dreads the winter weather, and fears the possibility of plumbing problems due to the fast drop in temperature. It is hard to say what the cold season will bring. So apart from tuning up the heating system, you also need a professional plumber to check out your plumbing system and fix any issues.

The most common way that plumbing systems are damaged in winter is when the water trapped in a pipe freezes. When water freezes in the pipes, it expands and the pipe can burst. This happens when the temperature is cold for long enough and the pipe can no longer expand. Frozen and broken water pipes can be expensive in terms of repair cost and water consumption.

Preventing frozen pipes and protecting the pipes and components of your plumping system from cold temperatures is the most practical thing to do this winter. You can hire a professional plumber in Boston, MA who can visit your home and conduct thorough inspections so as to ensure that your pipes are prepared for the cold weather.

For questions and concerns about your indoor and outdoor plumbing systems, contact the experts of Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating.

Bathroom Remodeling: Repairing or Replacing a Showerhead to Save Water - Boston, Worcester, MA

01 Jul 2014

Summer can be the perfect time to consider bathroom remodeling in Boston MA or it may be time to upgrade a particular item in it. There are a lot of ways to spice up the bathroom by adding a little something extra. But wouldn't it be best to start by taking care of any plumbing issues at home first.

A showerhead is a relatively inexpensive item but replacing a clogged or inefficient one before summer strikes can significantly reduce the summer water bill. Replacing the shower head, or other bathroom plumbing fixtures, can help save up to 7 gallons of water/minute without needing to reduce the water pressure. If you are looking for inexpensive ways to save water, then replacing the showerhead is a good bet. In fact, it can help you save on your energy bill as well.

This is the season when we use water the most, there is no better way to start off the summer than by reducing water usage. We can help you plan and execute any replacement, repair, and remodeling that you've been planning for your bathroom.

Summer is here and now that the nice weather is here, this is the perfect time to take care of any plumbing issues at home. Often, plumbing issues occur in the bathroom. For a more creative and convenient means to improve your bathroom and its plumbing system contact a professional plumber in Boston, MA now.


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