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Outdoor Showers: Splash in One this Summer – Greater Boston

29 May 2014

As the economy picks up, bathroom remodeling has again become a trend. Outdoor living spaces have also become popular. And, now that it is warmer, more and more homeowners are building outdoor showers. They are usually installed to complement the swimming pool at home or for homes on the water.

Outdoor showers do not require much space. Even without the excuse of swimming pools, a lot of homeowners have discovered and experienced how convenient and fun it would be to shower in the great outdoors. This type of space may be perfect for your lifestyle.

During these warm months, many homeowners want a better, more convenient space to wash up after playing in the pool, doing yard work, splashing in the ocean or enjoying other types of outdoor activities. Apart from feeling instantly fresh, outdoor showers keep the inside of your home cleaner longer because you have no water nor dirt to mop up.

Outdoor showers are practical particularly for those who live near the ocean. Showering outdoors instead inside prevents beach sand from being tracked and trapped indoors. Not to mention it is more fun and refreshing to shower under the open sky with the soft breeze.

But outdoor showers are not just for beach houses. These are also perfect for those garden enthusiasts who work hard in the garden on a hot day, for those children who need to clean up after playing outdoors on warmer months, and for those owners who have large pets like dogs to bathe and groom and for those who have pools.

Professional plumbers in Greater Boston can install outdoor water lines for both hot and cold water with shutoff valves to keep the pipes from freezing during winter. They can even include a draining system so the water will not settle around the foundation.

Greater Boston Plumbing & Heating experts can help you in installing a stand-alone shower away from but just near your house as it requires a complex plumbing and drainage system. After the installation, you can style your shower with your personal touch and go on having fun in the sun.


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