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Stop Using Drain Cleaners in Your Clogged Drains – Boston, Worcester

10 Apr 2014

While most people turn to strong drain cleaners when they have a clogged shower or clogged sink, the effects of these overpowering chemicals can damage both pipes and the environment.

Instead of turning to drain cleaning products, call a plumber. A plumber can professionally and safely unclog pipes without using dangerous and destructive chemicals.

Here are a few of the negative effects of over-using drain cleaners.

Where the Drain Cleaners Go

Although using a drain cleaner sparingly is just fine, many people turn to drain cleaners for all of the plumbing problems that they experience. Many people don’t realize what happens to the drain cleaners after they’ve left the pipes. The acid and alkaline from the drain cleaners are treated at the local sewage plant, and then liquidated back into the water supply. As you can see, frequent use of drain cleaners becomes not only harmful to the pipes that they pass through, but to the local environment, as well. A safe alternative to this would be to call Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating to have your pipes and drains professional cleaned. It’s a much safer and more effective option.

Mixing Drain Cleaners with Other Chemicals

When a drain cleaner gets poured down a shower or kitchen sink drain, it comes into contact with previous chemicals such as shampoo, soap, bleach, and an array of other substances. This can be particularly dangerous. When the chemicals break down, they form unnatural substances that can be toxic. You can avoid creating potentially toxic substances by reducing how often you use drain cleaners in your home. If you have been using a drain cleaner on the same drain for a long period of time, you need to have it looked at by a plumber. There is probably a serious problem going on with your pipes that powerful drain cleaners won’t fix. Continuing to use strong drain cleaners will rapidly deteriorate your pipes, leaving you with a multitude of problems.

For more information or for assistance with a clogged drain, contact Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating.