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Plumbing Problems Are Caused by Flushable Wipes – Boston, Worcester

12 Sep 2013

There is a fairly new product on the market in the tissue and paper supplies section of the grocery store: flushable wipes. Folks, flushable wipes don’t exist. In fact, these so-called flushable wipes, which are becoming more and more popular are wreaking havoc in commercial and residential plumbing, causing headaches for homeowners and plumbers.

'Flushable' wipes are causing very expensive problems for homeowners and plumbers who are stuck with the clogged pipes and their results.  Increasing calls to plumbers are about clogged pipes and plumbing problems and it appears towel wipes are to blame.

These flushable wipes are flushable in so much as they do go down the drain when the toilet is flushed. However, once they disappear down the drain, they go on to cause considerable problems in pipes and sewer systems where they clog pipes, jam pumps, and cause blockages.

These new type of wipes are marketed as being sewer-, septic-, and plumbing-safe .They aren’t, they just go down the drain. They’re not biodegradable and they cause pipe clogs and stoppages.

In the meantime, the Federal Trade Commission is apparently looking into the dubious “flushable” label and wipes manufacturers are working to develop products that “reduce wear and tear on sewer systems and septic tanks.” (

Do yourself a favor and stop buying and flushing flushable wipes. However, if you find yourself with a plumbing problem, contact Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating.

Clogged Toilet, the Cause May Surprise You

27 Mar 2013

There are items that are made to go down the drain, flushed or otherwise travel into your septic system. Essentially, these things are human waste and toilet paper. Everything else is off limits. So what about the items that marketers deem “flushable?”

Take disposable wipes and disposable household cleaning wipes. These items have been identified as flushable by the marketing industry. But that does not mean they are good for your plumbing or good for your septic system if you have one.

Once these disposable/flushable wipes get through your drain, they can cause serious problems in the home main sewer line. These wipes are tough, they need to be for what they are designed for. They are also disposable, into your trash can. When a plumber is called into a home, and these wipes are the culprit, most often they have caused a softball sized toilet clog. The wipes don’t disintegrate, and they have a snow ball effect with the other paper, or other wipes in the drain causing a massive pile up, or clog.

Unfortunately these large clogs take some time to remove from your main septic drain. As you know, the longer the time spent, the more costly the job. So take the extra time and don’t flush the disposable/flushable wipes.
Flushable Fact: In 2009, Consumer Reports tested leading brands of toilet paper and flushable wipes. They found that all of the wipes completely failed the disintegration test and even the strongest, thickest toilet papers squeaked by with a low passing grade.*

If you suspect you have a wipe’s clog, or your toilet is having any type of clogging issues, please contact Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating.