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Adding a New Bathroom to a Slab Foundation - Boston, Worcester

16 Aug 2013

If you live near water, or if your home was built in or around the ‘50’s, your home may be built on a slab rather than on a foundation. Homes built on a slab are just that, a rectangle of concrete is poured and the home is built atop it.  Often, people want to add an additional bathroom to homes built on slabs, but they don’t know if they can.

When homes are built on a slab, the plumbing is laid before the concrete slab is poured. You can add plumbing after the fact, but it is labor intensive. This is similar to adding a bathroom to an existing basement.

Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating with work with the homeowner on the layout of the bathroom. All fixtures, sink, toilet, shower, will be laid out in their final location. We will then mark where the drains will be located on the floor related to all of the fixtures that require plumbing.

There are two options for running plumbing lines.

  1. The concrete slab can be dug out into trenches and the lines can be run through them. We then pour concrete into the trench to level the slab, and the new floor is covered with ceramic tile. This gives the nicest appearance of the two options.
  2. A plumbing system can be installed above the slab. The drain lines will be exposed but most of the other plumbing lines will be hidden in the new bathroom walls. An electric pump is used for the drains, and is visible.

For more information on installing a new bathroom on a slab, contact Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating.