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Cut Energy Bills - Make the HVAC More Efficient - Boston, Worcester

01 Aug 2013

Homeowners spend a large percentage of money on heating and cooling. The only way to cut these costs is to make the heating and cooling system, or HVAC, more energy efficient. This is  not as hard as you may think.

First, compare your utility bills to friends’ homes of similar size. How do your energy bills compare? Do you use more or less energy? After you figure that out, you can begin to make energy saving changes.

Check the air filter in your heating and cooling system. A dirty air filter slows air flow. This forces the HVAC system to work harder and waste more energy. You should change the air filter at least every three months.

AC service and maintenance is imperative to keep your system running efficiently and effectively. If your central air system is working to hard it will waste energy. Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating can  handle all of your service, maintenance and upgrade needs on your cooling system. A well-maintained heating and cooling systems run more efficiently therefore wasting less energy.

A programmable thermostat saves lots of energy. By programming your thermostat to energy-efficient temperatures you can save about $180 a year, according to Energy Star.

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