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Plumbing For An Outdoor Kitchen – Boston, Worcester

02 Apr 2014

Outdoor kitchens are becoming very popular. The allow you to relax and enjoy your backyard better than ever before, and they increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell. Most people want a gas grill on their deck or patio, but an outdoor kitchen creates an outdoor living space.

Adding an outdoor sink next to the grill helps with food preparation and reduces trips in and out of the house. Plus, a gas grill that's built into a tiled countertop gives you, as the chef, plenty of convenient cooking and prep space.

Remember your cabinets and countertops need to resist all kinds of weather. Providing an awning or some other shelter from rain and sun is also helpful, so the outdoor kitchen is at least partially protected.

Because water lines will freeze in the winter, the plumber will install pipes and plumbing that can be drained in the fall. The drain line can run to a simple dry well and needs no venting. This is acceptable for the graywater that a prep sink produces.

Your plumber can easily install water lines for an outdoor kitchen sink. And, while he is there, your professional plumber can install you gas lines, so your grill can run from the natural gas lines that run to your home. This way you never have to worry about filling propane tanks.

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