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New Furnace Buying Tips – Worcester, Boston

16 Oct 2013

Winter is fast approaching. It is best to have furnace maintenance done, or perhaps even have your  furnace replaced before the cold hits and you find you have a problem. Do you need a new furnace? If so, here are some furnace buying tips to consider:

1) Size matters: One of the most important factors when buying a furnace is to have a professional installer examine the size of the house and then determine the size of the furnace necessary for the space. A furnace that is too large leaves gaps in temperature as it turns on until it overwhelms the thermostat. The house ends up cooling down until the next cycle and creates an inconsistent temperature. A furnace that is the right size will be able to better regulate a constant temperature.

2) Fewer emissions: Being energy and environmentally conscious does not have to stop at the furnace. A hybrid furnace is one of the cleanest and most efficient combination solid fuel-burning furnaces on the market today. The furnace switches from wood to oil or electric automatically and if the furnace runs out of wood a second thermostat will keep the house nice and toasty.

3) Don’t buy on price alone: Always be sure to ask a professional installer, contractor or reputable salesperson about annual operating costs for whatever furnaces you may be looking at. While there are a variety of factors to consider, price should not necessarily be number one. Efficiencies, however, can vary drastically depending on price, which means that if you pay more up front now, you’ll still enjoy lower heating bills 10 or 15 years later.

4) Get the right documentation: Any reputable installer or manufacturer will be sure to not only include the purchase agreement and warranty information but also explain exactly what you are getting.

5) Correct installation and maintenance: Furnace installation should be done by a trained professional as not only can it be a safety hazard but if anything is off it can severely impact your efficiency. Regular maintenance, generally in the fall, will keep the furnace performing like it should.

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