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Plumbing Services Prevent Frozen Pipes

19 Sep 2017

Greater Boston residential plumbing services in Boston, MA

The winter can be fun and beautiful in Boston. But it can also be challenging for homeowners. One of the challenges that can present itself is frozen pipes.

When temperatures drop below freezing, residential pipes are at risk of freezing. Frozen pipes may eventually lead to burst pipe. In order to prevent this, homeowners should use residential plumbing services in Boston, MA to prepare their pipes for winter.

Having plumbing services performed before the weather changes ensures that house pipes are in good shape to withstand freezing temperatures. The preparatory services includes drain cleaning to prevent clogging. Waste build-up can contribute and speed up freezing. Pipe insulation is also critical. Materials like heat tape and thermostat-controlled heat cables can be applied around pipes to prevent the water within from freezing. Pipes that are exposed should be prioritized because they are more prone to freezing. In addition, professional plumbers will perform disconnection services of water lines that are not used during the winter such as outdoor faucets and sprinklers and seal water valves where these were connected.

Treating and repairing frozen pipes is expensive. It is best to be preventative rather than deal with frozen pipes during winter. To find out more about professional residential plumbing services, contact Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating.