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Keep Heating and Cooling Systems Reliable with Maintenance

07 Mar 2013

Reliability of your home’s furnace and air conditioning is directly related to how it's cared for.

In Boston, you need your home heating and air conditioning to keep you comfortable year round. Their reliability is directly related to proper maintenance.
A lot of newer homes have baseboard heating, which is an affordable, dry heat. With a central ventilation system, you can filter the air, heat, cool and humidify all in the same system.

There are several types of heating systems, including hot water systems with boilers and radiators, natural gas, electric, oil and forced hot air.  All use a furnace. It is important to make sure the filter in your heating and air condition system is clean. Filters should be checked on a monthly basis. People that live in the city, have pets, or who smoke inside should check them even more often.

Furnace maintenance means that the connections are tight and the drains are clean. Heating and cooling equipment preventative maintenance should be done twice a year to check for anything that could cause a problem.

If you live in the Boston area and you notice that your heating and cooling has stopped working as well, don't wait for your next scheduled inspection contact Greater Boston Plumbing.