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Tips on Finding a Plumber - Boston, Worcester

18 Jul 2013

If you are a homeowner or landlord, then there have probably been numerous times that you have needed a plumber. But, finding a reliable plumber in Boston can be challenging. And, when you need a plumber, you need one fast! Here are some tips on how to find a reliable plumber.

Ask Around

By asking your social network, friends, family and associates, you may get some good recommendation. You can also get referrals from real estate agents in the area as well as your local home improvement store. You’re looking for plumbers who know how to keep their existing clients happy.

You may also find plumbers that people did not have good experiences with. Stay clear of those.

Ask for a license

Only hire a qualified plumber who has a license and insurance. After you have found a few reputable plumbers, the first steps in the process is to check to see if the plumber has a license to operate in the state. In states that require a plumbing license, the state will typically finger print the plumber, check his background and test him for general competency in plumbing.

Look for reviews

More and more homeowners are leaving reviews and feedback online of their experiences with contractors and plumbers. It’s a great idea to look for reviews and feedback online for any plumbers you are interested in hiring. Looking for plumber testimonials, reviews, and by looking at sites like Angie’s list and Better Business Bureau (BBB) can also give you good recommendations.

Check for Complaints

When you start to move along in the process, at some point you’ll want to check to see if the plumber you’re considering hiring has had complaints filed against him. A great place to check for complaints is with your state’s licensing board. Your state’s licensing board is one of the first places disgruntled homeowners will go to to file a complaint about a bad experience they had with any licensed contractor.

Ask for and Check References

Before you hire a plumber ask them for references. Any good plumber should have several references. It’s really important that you check and call the references,  these are people vouching for the quality of the plumber’s work, so take the time to see that they are real and legitimate. Checking references is one of the best things you can do to prevent the hiring of a bad plumber.

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