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Plumbers for Specialty Plumbing Needs – Worcester, Boston

06 Nov 2013

For a homeowners and businesses there are times when you need a professional plumber because the plumbing problem goes beyond replacing the inner workings of your toilet tanks.

Many household problems like a clogged toilet or a leaky faucet can easily be resolved by a plumber or homeowner with basic DIY skills, but some occasions require more specialized work. For example, there are plumbers who are specialized to work with natural gas lines, the installation of fire sprinkler systems, maintenance and repair of water pipes and on home remodeling projects.

A specialty plumber that installs fire sprinkler systems provides an important service in the plumbing profession. Almost all cities and towns have codes or ordinances that require commercial buildings to install and maintain fire sprinklers. They are also becoming more popular as an added safety feature in residential homes.

Make sure you hire a plumber with the proper training for any work that involves fire sprinkler systems. In most states, you can verify a plumbers’ credentials by checking with your state licensing board.

Besides making house calls and installing sprinkler systems, there are certain plumbers who actually specialize in the plumbing associated with home remodeling and new construction. When a new home is built, water pipes need to be run, and toilets, sinks and faucets need to be installed correctly and up to code. A more specialized plumber should be utilized for home remodeling work.

Plumbers for remodeling and home additions must be able to read, understand and communicate details laid out on blue prints. Also, plumbers should be able to understand the overall inner workings of the entire project and where the plumbing aspects of the project relate to the overall project as well as an in-depth understanding of city codes and ordinances regarding home construction, and the ability to work with and communicate with other contractors.

Before making a decision on which plumber to hire, check credentials and make sure your hire a plumber with the experience to complete the task at hand.

It is recommended that homeowners verify a plumber's license by checking with state licensing boards or through the secretary of state's office. For more information, contact Greater Boston Plumbing and Heating.